High Style on a Budget

Many moons ago I was enrolled in a class on portraiture by Don Giannatti that studied and sought inspiration from the greats in photographic portraiture. The final artist studied was William Coupon. Coupon is known for his formal painterly backdrop portraits. Being the dutiful student I turned my assignment in post haste, or rather several […]

Keep it Moving

6:33 PM. 106 Degrees. 90 minutes.   My 15th summer of life was spent sitting on the couch watching reruns of the A-Team. A quality program, but my Mom was pretty fed up with my need for bad plots and explosions. In utter frustration she proclaimed me a sloth and I wasn’t even burning any […]

The Road

I used to be a great sleeper. Like, I could just lay down, sleep, get up. Never thought about it. Not so much now. Last night was “make-up” for the past two nights of insomnia. My bedroom door is slamming against the jamb over and over again in a headache-inducing rhythm. Morris is hungry. He […]


11:30 PM, Monday, June 23. What am I doing?   It’s been a long time since I pulled on bib shorts and a jersey, too long.   So many excuses. Too fat. Out of shape. Might break carbon bits on the bike. Whatever.   Ran into Jim last night at the pharmacy refilling a prescription […]

Film is NOT Dead!

   24 Frames in May I was a participant in the Project 52 Pros  in 2013, which is run by Don Giannatti. As an alumni, I still interact with the group and take part in some of the assignments. This one really caught my attention. The project was to make an image a day (or […]