Keep it Moving

6:33 PM. 106 Degrees. 90 minutes.


My 15th summer of life was spent sitting on the couch watching reruns of the A-Team. A quality program, but my Mom was pretty fed up with my need for bad plots and explosions. In utter frustration she proclaimed me a sloth and I wasn’t even burning any calories. I defiantly wiggled my right index finger. There’s a calorie burned.


My Mom denies this story today. Perhaps we remember it differently, but I consider it one of those defining moments in my life. A few days later I reluctantly picked up my brothers mountain bike and rode as far as I could. One time around the block. The next day it was two.


As a defiant and lazy 15 year old I had no drive. Maybe I didn’t know what to do or didn’t want to do anything.


I keep the chain on my bikes immaculately clean. I wipe it down after every ride.  It is one of the few parts on the bike that if I break on the road will force me to walk or worse yet, call for assistance.


The chain keeps the bike in motion.


What keeps you going?
Whatever it is, take care of it, keep it clean.  It will keep you moving.