The Road

I used to be a great sleeper. Like, I could just lay down, sleep, get up. Never thought about it. Not so much now. Last night was “make-up” for the past two nights of insomnia.

My bedroom door is slamming against the jamb over and over again in a headache-inducing rhythm.

Morris is hungry. He can wait. BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! Well, maybe not.

I pulled a thorn out of my rear tire last night. Only took two rides to get my first flat. At least I didn’t have to change it on the road, but it is depressing to discover hours after you get home.

I check the time. Cheryl has a doctor appointment in an hour. We’re never gonna make that. She reschedules and I check the temperature. It’s just past 8 am. 84 degrees. I can deal with that.

Morris fed. Coffee drank. Ablutions performed. I do another quick temperature check before heading out. 91. Great. That was fast.

No excuses.

On the Open Road

Selfie on the Open Road


I gave up on asking questions that start with “why” years ago. The answer never matters, if you get one. But if asked, I ride so I can think. There are so few distractions on the road. Even conversations are better. You don’t lose your riding mate to their iPhone while riding in traffic. Even still, I prefer to ride alone most of time.

The wind got me thinking. I can see the road, but not the wind. It pushes me. Sometimes off course. Sometimes it slows me down. Other times it gets right behind and pushes me along. Metaphorically it represents my inner turmoil. We all have it. I don’t delude myself into thinking it’s not there.

The road is the path, the goal. Where we are headed. The wind is just fuckin with you. It doesn’t know where you are going or why. It doesn’t care.

When confronted with a nasty wind, some riders put their head down and grind away. Sounds like a good plan, but it can lead to disaster, or worse. The road is a dangerous place and the number one rule of riding a bike is to keep your head up.


It was hot!


Make the wind your bitch and keep your head up!



Keepin my head up! In motion selfie.